Learning Japanese at Home
Effectively teaching Japanese in a Home School environment is a challenge.  And even though the Internet provides a plethora of new ways to teach in the home it is very hard to know what is good for your child when you yourself might not speak or understand Japanese.

This website's goal is to help you find the best way to teach Japanese to your child and to give you some information on the Japanese language so that you know what to expect.

Who am I?  I am George Trombley Jr.  I moved to Japan when I was 12 with my Father.  I am fluent in Japanese and along with my wife Yukari have written 5 books on Japanese, and own and maintain YesJapan.com Online Japanese Lessons.

I might tend to be a little bit biased to our own site since I truly believe that our method of teaching Japanese is truly the best.  But I will STILL be fair to other sites that I believe have promise and are beneficial to your child in the home schooling environment.

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